In front of the Nixon White House wearing a rabbit fur coat. So much is wrong about this photo.

My formative years were spent in Chicago, tagging along with my mom, a nightclub singer, and dad, a personal injury lawyer, on their individual quests for fame and fortune. While other kids were making macaroni necklaces, I was on the road, studying  the fine art of false eyelash application and hair teasing. Having done Vegas by the time I was seven, I did not always fit in with children my own age. But I developed a lifelong love of learning, thanks to Francis W. Parker School.

My unconventional beginning paved the way to an obvious destination: Hollywood. The only surprise is how long it took to get there. Writing was the common thread throughout my journey. I worked as a writer/producer for NBC News, sold a feature film script to MGM (unproduced), joined the writing staff of two TV shows, and then took a hiatus to focus on the ultimate creative project, motherhood. While crafting a slightly more conventional narrative for my kids, I completed two YA novels, as well as essays and short stories published in magazines and literary journals. You’ll find me writing each day, fueled by Caffe Luxxe espresso, from various locations along Pacific Coast Highway.

My work for young adults can be found under the name Zara Rose Gray*