Shallow Thoughts

Hello and welcome to July 2014, the end of June Gloom in Los Angeles and the beginning of the middle of summer.  When you’re a kid, summer means shedding the intense seriousness of the school year and diving in to pure fun.  Summer is playful, light, lazy.  And in that spirit, I will attempt to post more frothy and less profound thoughts.  I will not sweat over every single word.  Hell, I don’t even care if my posts have a beginning, middle and end.  I’m gonna write more and edit less.  I’ll resist the urge to dig deep into my psyche and just be shallow.  At least for July.

Let’s begin with The Job.

I’d give my right arm to be an author like Jeffrey Eugenides.  He has a well deserved Pulitzer for Middlesex, publishes every 9 years or so, and works at an Ivy League university as his day job.


But what if I were more like chick lit author Sophie Kinsella?  That could be fun…

th-6The Look.

Most of the time, I feel like Mayim Bialik.  The glasses, the obsessive political correctness, the NOSE…


But what if I allowed myself to channel Angie Everhart?  What if I ditched the loose Laura Ingalls Wilder sundresses for more figure hugging clothes.  Tight jeans don’t kill brain cells.  (I recently colored my hair auburn — it’s a start)


The ride.

L.A. is all about your car, which is probably why I could never go the minivan route.  Still, I’ve been driving this mom-mobile for the past decade.  I love the Volvo’s safety factor, the 8 airbags, the schlep-ability.


But what if I could drive my dream car?  How cool would it be to zip along Pacific Coast Highway with the top down, hyper pigmentation be damned?  This vehicle is part Mercedes luxury, part tough girl Jeep.  Now that’s my kinda hybrid.

So there you have it.  A few random, shallow thoughts to commence July.  May it be a month of good hair, incomplete sentences, and lots of ellipses….

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  1. Mary Ann

    Love the new thoughts!!! Even though you try not to be thought provoking, it’s still in your genes. Looking forward to many more thoughts

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