Left Coast Tales

imagesA while back, I pitched a bunch of personal essay topics to a new women’s lifestyle website looking for content.  The New York based editor accepted two of my pieces, but told me that my L.A. stories were too “coastal”.  By this, I assume she meant too regional, too cosmopolitan, and not universal enough in theme, although I’ve never seen a person in Ohio who didn’t enjoy a good Hollywood story.

I’ve decided to publish them here, for that small group of the 123.2 million Americans* who live on the coast.   And for the rest who live vicariously through us.

*Statistics derived from a 2010 survey by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce

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  1. Kate Dicamillo

    You remind me of a young me!

  2. Anonymous

    How can I get Left Coast Tales?

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