49 – A Typical Tuesday


8:31 Drop off Child 1 at school in West LA

8:47 Drop off dog at daycare in West LA

9:00 Get coffee and baguette in Brentwood; write until 10:30 am while intermittently listening to privileged Westside mom complain about how her kid is the only one who cries at pre-school drop-off.  She doesn’t know what to do; he has an acre of land and many animals at home and is great “dinner conversation” with adults but he isn’t “socialized” with other kids

10:45 Arrive home to Palisades.  Let in housekeeper who smells gas from the vintage stove I’ve paid to have refurbished and have used zero times since they delivered it last week; explain work housekeeper is to do; Call stove company

12:00 Go to Coffee Bean to do more writing but get called back home immediately for stove repairman

12:30-1:45 Watch and listen while he takes apart stovetop for third time and solves problem with a sewing needle I give him

1:45 Turn on computer to write and give up because I can’t focus with housekeeper vacuuming under my feet.  Watch Terence Crutcher video on Facebook and wonder if there’s hope for humanity.

2:30 Pick up title to car and lien release from business manager’s office in West LA so I can prove to the DMV that I do own my car and they can give me the registration renewal stickers that I’ve already paid for (Part 2 of my 2 ½ hour DMV experience from yesterday)

3:00 Pick up dog in West LA

3:25 Pick up Child 2 in Mar Vista

3:50 Pick up Child 1 in West LA

4:12 Pick up racket at house in Palisades

4:16 Drop off Child 2 at park in Palisades for tennis lesson

4:45 Burn frozen snack I made for myself to replace lunch; eat half because Child 1 takes the rest

5:15 Pick up Child 2 at park

5:30 Make this list as a way to explain to my family why I’m in a bad mood

5:54 Call School of Rock to confirm son’s lesson time

6:00 Realize I’ve burned frozen pizza for Child 2 and tell him to feed the dog

6:02 Snap at Child 1 who tries to hone in on the burnt pizza

6:15 Take Child 1 to School of Rock for 30-minute lesson

6:30 Squeeze in another errand due tomorrow

6:50 Pick up Child 1

7:15 Pick up to-go dinner at Wahoo’s

7:30 Pick up iced tea at Coffee Bean

7:45 Walk in door as husband arrives home wondering why we are eating out of paper bags again

8:00 Eat to-go burritos for family dinner

8:30-9:30 Watch something on TV with family

9:30-10:00 Lie with Child 2 until he falls asleep while beating the computer at advanced Scrabble.  Justify the game as vocabulary building

10:15 Entertain possibility of watching something with husband but he’s already in bed with his iPad

10:30 Begin illustrious writing career!


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  1. MA

    Looking forward to the remaining 49

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